Rockhold provides additional levels of strength and expertise to your investment.

We choose to work with best of breed partners to ensure we deliver superior investment solutions for you. That means the investment management partners we have chosen are specialists in each field and follow our approach to successful investment. We also constantly monitor their performance.

To ensure your investments are allocated to the most appropriate asset classes we partner with Alpha Beta Partners who are specialist in dynamic asset allocation. Alpha Beta Partners also provide robust risk management and cost-effective passive investment portfolios.

For active investments, we work with The Adviser Centre who are expert in active fund manager research, selection and monitoring. The Adviser Centre has strong relationships with investment houses and individual portfolio managers. This adds an additional dimension to our proposition; helping to drive positive risk-adjusted returns for you over the medium to long term.




The Rockhold Investment Committee meets on a quarterly basis to oversee that the portfolios are performing as they should.

Made up of senior managers and investment experts, the committee retains the power to appoint the investment managers and partners running the Rockhold portfolios. The committee also reviews the Rockhold proposition to make sure it offers the best investment for you.


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